SEO : A blog series of implementation SEO for a real website

Hi, I am a cofounder of a fairly new design and tech studio, Tripin Studio. It provides various design and developments services but that is not what I want to write about here. I always want to learn new things so that I along with my agency can grow and identify new opportunites to make a difference.

Therefore, as a challenge, I am writing this series of blog where I will learn and optimise my own company's website for search engines. As a background, I have never done SEO before. I belong from a non-tech background all the information that I post here will be newly acquired. I will mention various resources that I use to learn and also the tools that help me strategise and measure the performance.

The objective of writing this blog is to share a journey of learning with all the fellow learners on internet. I expect this blog to be used as a free resource by all novoice learners of SEO, so that they have someone to empathize with. I also expect to connect with SEO experts so that they also can guide me and mutual learners to achieve better results.